Generosity Dialogue (Part 2)

Here is the second of two podcasts on generosity where Scott Miller from Volunteering NZ and I are interviewed by the wonderful David Binstead from Twice Podcast.  (You might also be interested in the first episode.)

Some of the concepts and questions explored include:

  • How to attract great volunteers and ensure that they have a happy and productive volunteering experience
  • How to choose the causes and organisations you want to support – not always easy  when there are so many good causes – and so many organisation serving these causes
  • Personal journeys – Scott and I share our paths to now, including discussing our first, worst and best jobs
  • Universal Basic Income – will this solve poverty, encourage volunteering and help solve the loss of jobs to automation?  Or is it an unaffordable fad?
  • Civics education – why we need it
  • and more…

Check it out!

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