Generosity Dialogue (Part 1)

Here is the first of two podcasts on generosity where Scott Miller from Volunteering NZ and I are interviewed by the wonderful David Binstead from Twice Podcast.

David, Scott, Kate and Rebecca at TwicePocast

Some of the concepts and questions explored include:

  • Generosity includes giving time, giving money and acting with kindness
  • The total number of hours volunteering hours in Aotearoa NZ has dropped in recent years: how do we reclaim and reinvigorate volunteering?
  • Philanthropy is being democratised through platforms like crowd-funding – we can all give and giving in proportion to what we have matters
  • How do we know that the things we contribute our time or money to are useful, needed and impactful?
  • How does philanthropy relate to inequality – is it a symptom or a cure?

Check it out!

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