A brief open letter to my US friends and relatives, and to your friends, and to theirs

If you are eligible to vote in the US elections, please vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday – because the stability of the whole world may depend on it.

I don’t usually make party-political statements, not in my own country of New Zealand nor globally, however, like many non-Americans, I am feeling worried and somewhat powerless right now.  The results of your election will affect every nation, but all I can do is watch and trust that you will vote for the candidate who has the heart, mind and experience to take on this role.  That person is Hillary Clinton.   And if she isn’t perfect, well that is OK too.  Which of us is?

US voters, we’re all counting on you.  Please do the right thing.

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  1. Painfully dull in facts and showing of how many New Zealanders can’t stand up to the media spoon feeding. Can you say 10 million Syrians Kate? How about more than 450,000 Syrian casualties? Clinton has displaced that many Syrians and prolonged the blood bath there. Is this what you call “stability” Kate? This Syrian issue has impacted Europe and the world. I know you have internet. Try looking up what the media DOESN’T tell you. Try looking up Jill Stein for US President. Jill actually has none of the idiotic background of Trump – nor the criminal activity of Hillary. In fact she is more for peace and world stability than Hillary.

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