Measuring and Managing Funding Burden

What is funding burden, you ask? It’s the term I am using for the value of the time community organisations spend applying for and reporting on grants – a value which is often wildly out of proportion to the actual money on offer.  This is a concept I have been exploring, developing and blogging about over the last year, and I was privileged to speak on the topic in Melbourne this week at the Australian Institute of Grant Management’s annual conference.

Here is my presentation, which explores funding burden and Todd Foundation’s journey to measure and address it:

So folks, is it time to address Funding Burden? I welcome your ideas and discussion.

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  1. Some really interesting, thought provoking ideas Kate. Thanks for sharing your presentation. As Funders this is something we need to think about in setting up our grants framework.

  2. Hi Kate
    I can’t imagine you not being at Todd – has it really only been ten years. Thank you for your support and wise counsel over the years. Little doubt that you have made a considerable contribution to communities in your role but you have also to thinking in philanthropic circles. I hope both continues is some guise or another.

    In the meantime enjoy time with the family and I look forward to hearing of your new ventures and adventures.

    In the meantime we have not progressed the social bank idea – too tied up with work and family but I hope one day the concept will be progressed. Spare time???

    Take care


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