Funding Burden – what it is, why it matters and how to lighten the load

Australia’s “Generosity” magazine asked me to write an article about Funding Burden – here’s my latest thinking on this issue:

What if we gave a $10,000 grant but only $9,000 was received?And what if our $100,000 funding program delivered only $45,000 of community benefit?  We’d probably be outraged.  Unfortunately, due to a concept I call “funding burden”, this happens frequently – and we need look no further than the mirror for the responsible party.”

Read the full article in Generosity magazine here.


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  1. Really appreciated this article and have been using this term lots more with colleagues, and also commenting on this wherever possible with funders.

    Megan Courtney (Inspiring Communities) and I presented to funding advisors as a prelude workshop to the community trusts last week about CLD overall. I noticed you were on the conference lists, and hope it went well.

    Community Trusts are big funders in our community here, and the funding burden is getting bigger every year. Overall I calculate 10% of our budget is now required to create it all.

    Thank you for these very thoughtful blog pieces and your site overall is very helpful. I have been reading lots of stuff. Glad to see you are still working well in this space and around the country.

    Would appreciate any links you might have to low income schools who are exploring the possibility of community connections, so as to advance my own mahi further –

    Best wishes

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