Inclusiveness is…

In my spare time I sing in a small world-music choir called Womansong. Last week at practice, Karen, one of our members, suggested that we add simple dance moves to an Arabic song we sing (Lamma Bada Yatathanna). We followed and quickly picked up Karen’s graceful arm movements, which were perfect for the song. But if you are imagining Karen as a lithe young dance instructor, think again. Karen has MS and is in a wheelchair.

At Todd Foundation where I work, we put a lot of emphasis on inclusiveness. And here is inclusiveness in action – a bunch of non-disabled people being taught to dance by someone in a wheelchair.  Thank you Karen.

PS If you are Wellington-based and would like to hear us sing or join Womansong, come along to Futuna in Karori 5.30pm on Saturday November 8 – the gig will finish in time for the fireworks display. More details here.

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