Making a difference with a cup of coffee

One of my board roles is for Conscious Consumers, a social enterprise which to date has accredited 175 cafes, restaurants and suppliers in twelve cities and towns across Aotearoa NZ according to twelve different ethical and sustainable practices.   It’s been inspiring to watch a local, volunteer-led initiative idea grow into a nationwide organisation with smart leadership, demonstrable results and significant engagement.  (As an example of the latter, in the last couple of weeks the Conscious Consumers Facebook had more reach than any other in NZ  – runners up were the All Blacks and Lorde.)

I admit it – I am biased.  But it seems to me that Conscious Consumers (the organisation) is one to watch.  And Conscious Consumers (the concept and the movement – ie how you and I spend or don’t spend our money) is a force to be reckoned with.

So, next time you head out for a coffee, make a small difference by buying it from a café with sustainable practices.  If you live in New Zealand and have a smartphone, this is really easy; download the Conscious Consumers app (Android or iPhone), find a sustainable café near you and check in at the counter.  You might even get that coffee free.

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